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Are you a fruit or vegetable grower interested in a long-term partnership with Diosa Fruit?

We have a extensive range of products, and would like to be able to offer our customers even more magnificent products. We are therefore always looking for a new partnership with fruit and vegetable growers. All kinds of fruit and vegetables are welcome.

We would love to meet you to explore whether we share the same values and whether we have a future together.

We are always looking for new fruit and vegetable growers.

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What do we do for fruit and vegetable growers?

We find the right growers for the right customer for the right price. We therefore act as an extension of your business. Our style of partnership is characterised by prompt financial settlement and intense engagement.

Our secure fruit and vegetable growers appreciate this very much. They know exactly what to expect and what we can do for them.

Sale of entire fruit and vegetable crop

Would you like to sell your entire fruit or vegetable harvest in advance? Of course that is possible.

We can make long-term agreements with end customers so you know exactly what to expect in advance. We can explain exactly how this works in a face-to-face meeting. We would also be happy to visit you.

Oostland Company

One of the growers with which we work closely is Oostland Company: our flexible bell pepper partner. Consistently high quality and always-fresh products typify this company. We can supply in any format, colour and packaging you want. And naturally, in Njoy Fresh Vegetables packaging.

Fresh Farma

This partner specialises in the cultivation of Asian vegetables, including sopropo, also known as bitter gourd or bitter melon. Diosa Fruit is happy to work with this partner because of the high quality of the product, the unique range, and the innovative mindset of the entrepreneurs. Fresh Farma also offers its products under the Njoy Fresh Vegetables brand.

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