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About Diosa Fruit

Diosa Fruit is your helpful trading partner in fruit and vegetables. We buy our products directly from the source as far as possible: the fruit and vegetable growers we like to collaborate with.  We know them personally and know the high quality they offer.

Our methodology is characterised by prompt and correct action. We also do our best to make decisions with which all parties are satisfied. That way, we develop sustainable relationships with our customers and growers.

Our fruit and vegetable growers

Every fruit or vegetable grower that collaborates with Diosa Fruit has a great passion for their product and works in accordance with the latest techniques and legislation and regulations. We always provide our customers with the correct information about the products they grow.

Njoy Fresh Vegetables

We primarily supply within Europe, with a focus on the United Kingdom and Ireland. We mainly do this under our own brand, Njoy Fresh Vegetables. This is Diosa Fruit’s house brand and has existed since 2013. A number of regular suppliers/growers supply under this brand.

Growers established Njoy Fresh Vegetables in order to distinguish themselves in the market with the aid of a strong brand. The brand represents quality, recognisability and reliability.

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Want to collaborate?

We are always looking for new growers and products. That way, we can expand our range and be of service to even more customers. All kinds of fruit and vegetables are welcome.

We would love to meet you to explore whether we share the same values and whether we have a future together.

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