Diosa Fruit is a flexible link between growers and end customers.
Our fruit and vegetable range comes directly from the source. Day-fresh, high quality and tasty.

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Bell peppers Products DIOSA Fruit

Bell peppers

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Chili peppers

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iceberg lettuce Products DIOSA Fruit

Iceberg lettuce

Sopropo Products DIOSA Fruit


Can’t see the products you are looking for? No problem. Let us know what varieties of fruit and vegetables you are looking for and we will find the right grower.

About DIOSA Fruit

We grow 
different fruits

Diosa Fruit is your helpful trading partner in fruit and vegetables. We buy our products directly from the source as far as possible: the fruit and vegetable growers we like to collaborate with. We know them personally and know the high quality they offer. Our methodology is characterised by prompt and correct action. We also do our best to make decisions with which all parties are satisfied. That way, we develop sustainable relationships with our customers and growers.

Our methodology is characterised by prompt and correct action.

Would you like to become a customer?

Then we will welcome you with open arms! We are very proud of the high-quality products we are able to offer through close collaboration with our growers. Thanks to our wide range of produce, we offer prompt and year-round supply of products.

Are you a fruit or vegetable grower?

We work with a secure group of growers, and we are always looking for new companies that offer fresh fruit and vegetable products. We would like to establish a long-term relationship with you, so you increase your sales and we can make more customers happy.

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